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Student’s Life in Kaiserslautern

One of the cities that I visited during my trip to Germany was Kaiserslautern. Okay, where is it? For those who don’t know, don’t worry! I didn’t know myself until I looked it up in Google Maps. Haha!

It is a small city in the south west part of Germany, near the border with France. For a city, well, it is very small – even compared to Hull. Yeay! My city is not that tiny. 😛

What I noticed a lot during my visit in Kaiserslautern is the students’ life in Germany. The teenagers are much nicer than the teenagers in the UK. Really! The environment was also nice to study, I think.

The rather downside of the students’ life in Kaiserslautern – at least for me – maybe the accommodation thing. My friend, Ulfah, told me that finding a student accommodation in Germany, generally, is very difficult. Not only because of the high price, but also because there is lack of student housing. What??? Yeah, while I, in the UK, am guaranteed to be able to find student accommodation easily, they need to strive to find a place to live.

I am so grateful that I can easily live in a nice student house with nice housemates and nice facilities. Those that aren’t available for some friends in other parts of the world.

Be grateful! 🙂

Apr 05, 2013

Wunderbar Munchen

I went to Munich last Tuesday. I went there by train from Milano Centrale. That was my first experience going to Germany and Munich is a good place to start. There are so many places to go but as I had only 5 hours, I needed to pick which ones to go to. Here are the list:

1. Neuerathaus: the new what is it? ah, town hall! It is a very nice place with a kind of Platz (I don’t know the English word for this) in front. The building itself is massive and beautiful, with a kind of Gothic touch in the architecture.

2. Glockenspiel: this attraction is literally attached to the Neuerathaus. It’s a clock which has a dancing creatures during the hour change. It is located in the central tower of the Neuerathaus. I didn’t see the dancing thingy but that’s okay. I got to run around to see other Munich attractions.

3. Viktualienmarkt: this is a market! People usually sells daily grocery products and – yes! Wurst! As Germany is very famous for its sausage, Wurst is the main product sold in Viktualienmarkt. Along the way from Bayerstrasse to Mariensplatz (where the Neuerathaus is located) and to Viktualienmarkt, you can see St. Paul Cathedral and other historical building, I suppose. Walking around the Viktualienmarkt is quite nice, as long as it isn’t snowing which in my case it was so… yeah..

4. Residenz Museum: this is the only museum I visited in Munich. Well, I wanted to visit the science museum but it’s just too difficult as it snowed which makes it too cold to walk around too far. The Residenz Museum is very very very big! You can spend the whole day there if you are really into museums. It was the place for the rulers of Munich to live. You can still see the whole rooms and furniture in the museum. What interesting in this museum is that there is one room called Schwartz Raum which means black room; and you can see an illusion painting on the ceiling. It makes the room looks two stories higher than the actual one. How cool is that! And, as most palace in Europe, there are lots of wall paintings.

Those were the places I visited in Munich. I regret that I didn’t plan it well enough so that I couldn’t go to Allianz Arena and BMW Welt. I should go to those places another time. Another important thing is Germany is cold during the almost spring time so don’t underestimate the weather. I didn’t prepare myself for that kind of weather so that it was too cold for me. But anyway, Munich is a great place with nice and friendly people.

Aufwiedersehen! 🙂

Apr 04, 2013

Easter Travel Cool Fact #1


CNL means city night line. It is a type of train to go around Europe (the main land Europe) at night with the sleeper coach in the train. I went from Milano Centrale to Munchen Hbf with this kind of train. The train was very nice with friendly staff. That was my first experience using the sleeper coach. I was lucky that there was only me in my sleeper coach which is supposed to be for up to 6 people. You have your electrical plug (very important!), blanket, and pillows. Yeay! I had a nice night sleep here. Plus, they also give you small breakfast. It almost seems to be too good to be true. Ha!

File:Mannheimer Hauptbahnhof- auf Bahnsteig zu Gleis 3- Richtung Ludwigshafen (Rhein)- City Night Line (Schlafwagen) 26.3.2010.jpg

Apr 04, 2013