Every person sees from a perspective. I believe that although the world we see is the same, we see it differently. We process what’s around us through our own mind, filtered by our values, cultures, and beliefs. We understand the world from a perspective. Mine is one of billions of them.

I am a human, a Muslim, a woman, a wife, a child, a friend, a teacher, a traveler, and many others. Those parts of me shape me into who I am. I love photography, interested in deep discussions and reflections, and I hope to travel the world someday. Most importantly, I want to be beneficial for others. Life is short and someone can only be known through his/her long-lasting contribution. I hope this blog can be one of my contributions.

This blog is about what I see, what I think, what I experience, and what I feel – definitely from my perspective. I would like to share it because life is meaningless without sharing. I’m not saying what I think is right, but how can we understand others if we could not see from their perspective. Therefore, here’s mine.

Here’s my world represented through my pictures, my writings, and my thoughts. Enjoy!


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