Student’s Life in Kaiserslautern

One of the cities that I visited during my trip to Germany was Kaiserslautern. Okay, where is it? For those who don’t know, don’t worry! I didn’t know myself until I looked it up in Google Maps. Haha!

It is a small city in the south west part of Germany, near the border with France. For a city, well, it is very small – even compared to Hull. Yeay! My city is not that tiny. 😛

What I noticed a lot during my visit in Kaiserslautern is the students’ life in Germany. The teenagers are much nicer than the teenagers in the UK. Really! The environment was also nice to study, I think.

The rather downside of the students’ life in Kaiserslautern – at least for me – maybe the accommodation thing. My friend, Ulfah, told me that finding a student accommodation in Germany, generally, is very difficult. Not only because of the high price, but also because there is lack of student housing. What??? Yeah, while I, in the UK, am guaranteed to be able to find student accommodation easily, they need to strive to find a place to live.

I am so grateful that I can easily live in a nice student house with nice housemates and nice facilities. Those that aren’t available for some friends in other parts of the world.

Be grateful! 🙂

Apr 05, 2013


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