Easter Travel Cool Fact #5

As there are so many Indonesian people in Germany, it is easy to find tempe (soy bean cake) in stores. You can find ANY Asian store and you will FIND it there! What a nice life. I saw a big Asian store in Heidelberg which has everything. From Indomie, sambel bajak, up to tempe. I’m kind of jealous… While in here, well, Alhamdulillah I have a friend who can make tempe, Mbak Tina. If she’s not here… Oh, I don’t know what I’m gonna do as it is soooo rare.

Apr 07, 2013


Easter Travel Cool Fact #6

They still use blackboards in Germany universities.

Wow! I don’t know whether it’s cool or not but from where I come from, Indonesia, well… at least we don’t use blackboards anymore. Not even the whiteboards if you have computer and the LCD projector. It is also not the case in the UK. They use smart board in here. Well, mostly the computer though. I don’t know if it’s the case in other countries, but WOW! They still use the blackboard with chalks in Germany. They even still use the manual projector where you need to write on mica papers! Even though it seems to be an old school way, their blackboards are sophisticated. They can move and do stuffs. Haha! I think it’s so cool – as in unique. I didn’t know people still use that!

Apr 08, 2013

Easter Travel Cool Fact #3

You won’t be lost taking the train inside Germany. Literally!

The train connection in Germany is sooooo good that you won’t be confused even if you are traveling alone for the first time as in my case. When you purchase the ticket, you will find which train you will need to take – with the number, from which platform you will get on the train, what time the train will depart and what time the train will arrive. If you need connecting train, you will also find the same information in your ticket. What a nice life! Hah! Comparing to the system in the UK. WOW! You will be confused if you have to change your train. Oh! And all the trains are rarely late, and the connecting time between trains is planned very carefully so that you won’t have to wait more than an hour. Well, this can be good or bad as I had to run to catch my next train because the previous one was delayed for 5 minutes. See, 5 minutes delay and I almost missed my next train. So cool, right?

Apr 05, 2013


Schön Heildelberg

On the third day of my Easter vacation, I went to Heidelberg to meet Lana. I didn’t plan to go there before, but I was lucky to decide to go to Heidelberg. It is such a beautiful city. The city is not as big, but the old town is amazing. I like how the old town was built. The environment, the people… all was wonderful.

There is the oldest university in Germany there. It isn’t too big but it’s beautiful. Even the library was ‘oh my God’ breathtaking. Another attraction there is Philosophenweg. It is basically a street up to a hill where you can take pictures of the whole old town Heidelberg. You can also see a fort across the hill there. The day I went to Heidelberg was nice but a bit foggy so I kind of didn’t get good enough picture. But that’s okay. I had fun!

Apr 07, 2013