Easter Travel Cool Fact #1


CNL means city night line. It is a type of train to go around Europe (the main land Europe) at night with the sleeper coach in the train. I went from Milano Centrale to Munchen Hbf with this kind of train. The train was very nice with friendly staff. That was my first experience using the sleeper coach. I was lucky that there was only me in my sleeper coach which is supposed to be for up to 6 people. You have your electrical plug (very important!), blanket, and pillows. Yeay! I had a nice night sleep here. Plus, they also give you small breakfast. It almost seems to be too good to be true. Ha!

File:Mannheimer Hauptbahnhof- auf Bahnsteig zu Gleis 3- Richtung Ludwigshafen (Rhein)- City Night Line (Schlafwagen) 26.3.2010.jpg

Apr 04, 2013


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