Being a Student Ambassador

After long hours of work and traffic, I want to do things that I like, such as writing! I remembered that Mbak Wuri asked me to write about working as a student ambassador so that others (Indonesian in Hull) can just read my blog to know more about it.  Well, here we go.

I worked as a student ambassador for only 6 months. I knew that there are student ambassadors but before I applied, I didn’t know how you can apply as one. Around May, I received an email saying that SCLS department in University of Hull needs student ambassadors. I applied. A few weeks later I got a series of training to be a student ambassador. Basically, we were taught about the event that we are going to have as well as an explanation about campus tour. We did the campus tour, actually. It was the first time I joined campus tour and it was quite fun.

After the training, I was involved in ACE Days event which is basically an event for secondary pupils. It was aimed to give some kind of information about higher education to them. The event is a little bit like training or something like that. There are some activities and it is fun (at least for me). I worked in around 5 ACE Days in the duration of 2 months. It wasn’t bad, really.

Besides ACE Days, as a student ambassador, you can also work in various university events, such as HE Day and Open Day. There are two types of events, the paid ones and the unpaid ones. Therefore, be aware when you read the announcement. I don’t mind doing voluntary work but it is also great to get extra money as well. The payment is quite good, especially seeing that the work is very flexible and not too difficult.

I think I gain a lot more than money as the result of being a student ambassador. I got to know people, understand the costumer service approach, able to do the campus tour, and I got to know about University of Hull and UK higher education system in general better. No regrets, really. I really enjoyed being a student ambassador and I wish I knew it sooner so that I worked longer.

If you are interested in being a student ambassador, you can just apply. Just send them email, saying that you want to work as a student ambassador and when they need you, they’ll contact you. The nearest event for now is Open Day and maybe if you apply now, you can work then. This article is solely based on my own experience and it may be subjective. But you can always try if you are interested. You’re not going to UK to study only, so get the whole experience! Cheers!

Oct 4, 2013


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