11676.88 km Later

11676.88 km is the total distance between Hull and Jakarta. The two cities that I call home.

Yeap! 11676.88 km later, after 19 hours journey, I finally arrived in Jakarta. There was a ‘slight’ delay in my first flight which scares me a lot because my connection flight is only in four hours and the delay was around 2.5 hours. But thank God, I could still catch the next plane home.

The first thing I felt after I stepped my foot outside the airport building was heat! It was so hot and the air wasn’t too good that I felt like I almost suffocate. Seriously. It was 33 degree when I arrived in Jakarta. Either positive or negative, Jakarta is not Jakarta if it is not hot. Just go with it!

The second thing that I feel very different from Hull is the traffic in Jakarta. I cannot believe I’ve survived living in Jakarta for this long. The cars, the jams, the discipline – all were kind of annoying, really. And today I realized, the Jakartans are very dependent on their private modes of transportation. I drove. I do not have a car now and my driving license expires. How should I go to places? There are modes of public transportation such as transjakarta and buses but with the heat and the traffic, I wouldn’t be able to stand it. Not after I just got back here yesterday. Today is the first time in my life I think that no car + no driving license = die. LOL

Well, now the thing that I will miss about Hull – environment wise.

I will miss the blue sky. When I was in the car today, I looked at the sky and well, the sky is grey in Jakarta. I will definitely miss the occasionally blue sky in Hull. I don’t like grey sky. But Jakarta has a very beautiful sunset. Yeap! I will try to enjoy the sunset instead of the blue sky from now.

I will miss the fact that I can sleep without being disturbed by mosquitoes. I forgot that there are lots of mosquitoes in Jakarta. Being a city in a tropical country, it is common that there are many mosquitoes in Jakarta. However, it is very very disturbing especially during the night. I will miss my sleeping time in Hull where I wasn’t disturbed by them. Okay! Let the mosquito battle begin!

I think I’m okay so far. I quite enjoy the fact that this weekend I don’t really have to do anything except activating my old phone number which was quite easy actually. I do not really bother, really to come home or not. Hull is home but still, 11676.88 km to the east from Hull, I am home.


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