What’s Next?

So, this morning I had my last Student Staff Committee meeting. And at the end of the meeting I realised that this really is going to be over soon. Oh no! It’s been a great year, really.

I am glad that I can be a part of the SSC because I know that I can contribute for my programme. We don’t really have many problems as we are in our master degree and we don’t really attend classes that much. We go to class, do our assignment and dissertation and that’s about it. But it’s been great. We have our study group and the tutors (well, most of them) are helpful. The way the department runs the programme is improving throughout the year. Sadly the master students still cannot get their own room. It’s difficult to arrange meetings when we don’t have permanent place.

Anyway, we had to reflect at the end of the meeting about the positives and negatives of our experience as master students in Hull. I think they mostly are positives. We kind of had no difficulty in solving our problems, really. The programme directors also asked about the assessment methods (what a coincidence that I just talked about it with Erwin two days ago) and I think the department will go to a more varied assessment methods throughout the year for master programme. Hopefully. It’s kind of boring doing tons of essays in a year. Haha.

Well, it really is going to end. The questions now is, what’s next? What’s next, Za? What are you going to do? It’s gonna haunt me all the way until I am sure about what I am going to do after I hand in my dissertation. WHAT’S NEXT?

Jul 05, 2013


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