At the Near End of Ramadhan

I wrote something in the beginning of Ramadhan. And now it’s nearly the end of Ramadhan. After almost a month fasting and experiencing the Ramadhan life in here… well, I can say that this is the most memorable Ramadhan for me!

How can I say that? First of all, I am quite sad. In my opinion at least, when you are sad and feel like you are going to miss something, then that thing must be precious and special… And because you miss it, you must have a pleasant memory about it. I am sad that Ramadhan this year is going to end very very soon. Time flies, really…

And, when you expect that the Ramadhan feeling in here is not that strong as in muslim majority country like Indonesia… well, it isn’t that strong. But I think, the condition of being in a country where most people don’t fast or even know anything about Ramadhan makes muslim people a lot closer to each other. I don’t know because I wasn’t that diligent to go to the mosque during Ramadhan in Indonesia, but I feel like the mosque in here (well, in the university) is so much alive. It’s like the centre of muslim people’s (well, some of them) life.

In addition to that, for me, the mosque feels like home. The university mosque here is small. Don’t even try to compare it with MUI. It’s too small. But I really like it here. Again, because there are not that many muslim people, we gather in the mosque almost everyday. Well, for me it’s more like not too many days and for some it’s more like everyday. The environment is very comfy. We have our ifthar here, pray Maghrib together, eat dinner, up to tawarih together. It is so much fun! The ifthar is free by the way and it’s nice for single fighters (anak kos) in here because there’s always some more food left so we can bring it home for suhoor. And the prayers were very very nice. It’s not too long or too fast and you won’t even notice that you’re in the UK.

Moreover, as it brings muslim people together, I have so many friends. You know, people that you see sometimes in the mosque when you pray… now you get to know them. You know their name and where they live and you feel like you’re a family. Seriously…  Well, again this writing is not generalisable. It is my opinion and own experience so please read it with this awareness in mind although I think there will be a few people who share the same idea as me.

So, it really has been a great Ramadhan for me. Although I’m far away from home, I’ve found a new home. LOL. To be honest, I like the Ramadhan here more than in Indonesia. In my own experience, I can focus more on doing Ramadhan deeds and I think the obstacles – as in going to the mall or doing unimportant things – are less in here. I am sad, really… that Ramadhan is going to end soon. Anyway, it’s a pleasure that I can experience Ramadhan in here and I think I won’t forget this moment. Make the most of the last few days of your Ramadhan! 🙂

 Aug 06, 2013

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