Schön Heildelberg

On the third day of my Easter vacation, I went to Heidelberg to meet Lana. I didn’t plan to go there before, but I was lucky to decide to go to Heidelberg. It is such a beautiful city. The city is not as big, but the old town is amazing. I like how the old town was built. The environment, the people… all was wonderful.

There is the oldest university in Germany there. It isn’t too big but it’s beautiful. Even the library was ‘oh my God’ breathtaking. Another attraction there is Philosophenweg. It is basically a street up to a hill where you can take pictures of the whole old town Heidelberg. You can also see a fort across the hill there. The day I went to Heidelberg was nice but a bit foggy so I kind of didn’t get good enough picture. But that’s okay. I had fun!

Apr 07, 2013


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