Mata Hati Telinga

I’ve thought about writing about this song for quite a long time. When I heard it the first time, I didn’t really notice about the lyrics. However, when I noticed the lyrics, I realized that the song is very meaningful. Here are the lyrics:

Satu cerita tentang manusia
Coba ‘tuk memahami arti cinta
Benarkah cinta diatas segalanya
Hanyakah itu satu-satunya

Yang menjadi alasan untuk menutup mata
Tak melihat dunia yang sesungguhnya
Dan menjadi jawaban atas semua tanya
Yang kita harap mampu mewujudkan sebuah akhir bahagia

Buka mata hati telinga
Sesungguhnya masih ada yang lebih penting dari sekedar kata cinta ooo..
Yang kau inginkan tak selalu
Yang kau butuhkan mungkin memang yang paling penting
Cobalah untuk membuka mata hati telinga

Adakah kau rasakan kadang hati dan fikiran
Tak selalu sejalan seperti yang kau harapkan
Tuhan tolong tunjukkan apa yang ‘kan datang
Hikmah dari semua misteri yang tak terpecahkan


There are two thing caught in my mind when I listen to this song: my student’s field experiment and my family gathering event.

Last week, my class had an outing event. It was a field experiment for science subject. We went to a dirty river near Menteng area. Well, the river is super dirty. The color of the water is black and it is stinky. While I was planning the field experiment, I only thought that it will help my students to understand about water pollution. It turned out that my students can learn much more than that. When we got there, my students were amazed by how dirty the water is, how bad the pollution is. They could actually see and smell the pollution. But then, some of my students couldn’t stand the smell and the view. One of them even vomited during the field experiment. I didn’t anticipate it. Luckily my partner could handle it while I continued the whole field experiment. That was not the only thing that happened during the field experiment. I also saw that some of my students were curious and friendly. They tried to have a conversation with some garbage men who were cleaning the river; they thanked them, and did some nice behaviors during our trip.

Half of the field trip shows how pampered and spoiled these rich children are. They can be rich, they should be rich; but they also have to be sensitive to their surroundings. Half of it shows that some of my students have a high social awareness. They care about other people and not scared to blend with others who come from different background. I am so glad. It is stated in the lyrics that we have to open out eyes, heart, and ears. This experience shows me that observing our surroundings, looking and listening to other people is important. Not just that, we should also include our heart in our observation. We need our heart to move our observation to the next level. We need it to care. I am really glad that I took my students to the field experiment. That way, they can learn how to open their eyes, ears, and heart.

As I said, the second thing that I remember when I hear the song is my family gathering. In my family gathering last Sunday, my uncle gave a speech. In that speech, he said that when we tired of thinking, we should do dzikr and when we tired of trying, we should be grateful. Yup! That’s because we can’t always get what we want, even after we tried very hard. That’s why gratefulness is important. It allows us to think about what we have, what we had, and be thankful that we have those. In spite of that, we should actually believe that God always gives what’s best for us.

This is such a long blabbering from me. Yeah, because I spent such a long time before I write this and I am kind of want to express what I have in mind. But the thing that I will always have in mind is that I have to keep my eyes, heart, and ears open.

Apr 26, 2012


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