Euro 2012!!

This past 3 weeks the world has been mesmerized by a giant event, EURO! Well, I support Germany team but unfortunately they can’t make it to the final round. I am a bit disappointed but that’s life, right? You can’t always win. However, I still support Germany! Yeay! Deutschland uber alles!

Am I gonna talk about Germany team? Or even Euro? Nope! Haha… I am inspired by one of the match that I watched. It was Germany vs Portugal if I am not mistaken. It was one of the first matches in Euro 2012.

So here is my thought

During the second half of that match Germany was still leading. The score was 1-0. I could sense the pressure felt by Portugal team. It was like they need to, they really want to make their score even. Within very limited time left, the team strive, push hard, and put their best effort. Suddenly I felt like everybody was time-conscious. They were super aware of the time; how much time they have left, what they can do in such little time, etc, etc. At the end, Portugal lose.

Seeing that football match made me think about time. Yes, in the part that everyone seemed to be very time-conscious, I thought about human condition. In a football match; we know, every player; knows the duration of the game. The players know how much time left so they can make a good use of their tie in order to achieve their goal, winning. And even so, the players, the supporters, are nervous. They are afraid to lose. They want to win but they don’t know whether they will win or not. What they can do is just showing their best performance.

What about life?

As we all know, we don’t know the duration of our life. We unconsciously know but rarely realize, rarely really aware of that. And what do we do? We don’t know how much time we have left but we don’t even try, we don’t (well, I don’t and often forget) to put my best effort. I believe that all humans want to win. And as in afterlife, because I believe in afterlife, winning means heaven. My goal, most people’s goal is heaven. With unknown time limit, off course we should prepare for the worse.

What if, tomorrow my time ends? Am I going to win? Will I get injury time? Will I achieve my goal? Not sure! Then what am I doing? Why don’t I try hard, show my maximum performance, like those football players as if there is only 1 minute left to win the game?

I guess it is true that life is a game. Work hard as if we only have 1 more minute before the final whistle is blown because we won’t know whether we win or lose.

Jul 01, 2012


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