Mad at Drunk People

This is a short unimportant blabber.

I was awake at 3 am today. Maybe it was the weather which is getting colder and colder every time or the noise. Yes, the noise. Last night was Saturday night and almost all young people in here went to bars or clubs. As usual, they got drunk and make a lot of noise.

Because I have nothing to do, I text my friend, Tony. He just woke up, which was veeeeery late in Indonesia. Haha. I told him about the noise and how I hate those people. It was like I want to tell them to shut up. His reply surprised me and got me thinking. He said, well, I can’t really translate it in English. He said ‘namanya juga mabok’. Well, in English maybe it can be translated as ‘they ARE drunk and that’s how people behave when they are drunk’.

It wouldn’t made sense if I am mad at those drunk people. They wouldn’t made sense of why people hate them when they made such noise. Then why should I mad at them? This whole thing makes me remember one of my lectures which talked about rights. Yes, rights come with responsibilities and obligations. It is your right to be drunk and it is my right to be able to sleep at night. It is an unending debate though.

I remembered one line in AADC movie (such an old movie) ‘one of us should have more logic or conscience’. Maybe, just maybe, those drunk people should have more conscience not to disturb other people. And maybe, just maybe, I should stop complaining and being mad at them because as Tony said, ‘namanya juga mabok’. And the question now is ‘who’s dumb, then, in this situation?’

See, it is an unimportant short – rather long – blabber.

Dec 02, 2012


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