Friends of Mine

Friend is “a person with whom one has bond of mutual affection, typically one exclusive of sexual or family relations” (

Do you have one? Can’t help to write this thing now because of a chat with one of my friends. Damn you chu!

Maybe it’s the culture or maybe it’s another thing but Indonesian people tend to overgeneralize the meaning of friend, at least based on the definition above. Yes, I have housemates here but are they my friends? Not necessarily. So when I asked do you have friend, then what I mean is a real one not the number of people that you have introduced yourself to.

Do I have friends? Yes, I do but I am the kind of person who have just a small circle of close friends. And I make sure like hell that I care of and love them all. I believe that the relationship that I have with them is very very precious.

I met some of my friends in high school or in the university. However, at least as long as I remember, the longest friendship that I have up until now is with one of my high school friend, Tony (yes, he bribed me to write this thing! Hehe.. kidding chu..), which I hope will still be my best friends until our grand kids are in high school. BUT I am not going to write just about him now.

In my own sense, friends are those people who can share and enjoy moments with you. I remember how my peer (Mirao, Lenao, Riano, Ireno, Astrido) and I could talk for hours about anything from the silly things like Spongebob, boys that we like; to unimportant or maybe important but interesting things like human philosophy, love, and new psychological news. How I miss those moments now!

I think friends should not only enjoy times when they talk to each other but also when they are together in silence. Unintended travel around with Astrido or Lenao or Tony. I remember that at that time we didn’t even talk that much but we (or at least I) can still feel happy at the end.

We can be friends because of our shared interest but being the same as our friends is not important. My friends and I, as I know, respect each other and we know and embrace our differences. I can pray in Astrido’s house. Tony can be my friend during my sleepless night prayer time. I can wake Lenao up during classes or I can be Ireno’s (fake) drinking buddy. I can also be Riano’s little sister and Mirao’s opposed discussion partner. 🙂

It really really is very nice for me to have my best friends. And at times like this I really really miss them. I love you, besties.. 🙂

 Dec 11, 2012

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