Please DO clean your stuffs!

After series of packing stuffs, a guy from accommodation office came and check the whole house. It’s not that I have to move out now, it just reminded me more that I need to move out soon. LOL.

There is only Stephanie and I in my house now. Just the two of us! So today we decided to clean our kitchen! Yes, the thing I would never do in Indonesia, I do it here. Cleaning the kitchen. Guess what we found.

We basically opened all the cupboard and decide what we are going to do with the ‘non-possessed stuffs’. There are three alternatives, whether we throw it out, keep it, or give it to charity. All the left over food – which is gross anyway – we throw it out. I don’t even think anyone would ever want the left-over food. We found oyster sauce, dried mushrooms, bottles of salt, bottles of vinegar, packs of sugar and guess what… tens of packs of flour! We’re gonna have to open a bakery to use all the flour, really. So other than the vinegar – which we’re going to use to clean other kitchen stuffs – we throw them all away.

BUT, it’s only half-clean. We needed to decide what we’re going to do with the cooking stuffs; you know, the pans, pots, and cutting boards. We literally can open a shop here to sell those stuffs. LOL. So finally we cleaned them all and put them in the separate cupboard for everybody who will come to use. How lucky you are if you’re coming to our house. It’s all clean and provided for you. Haha!

Another thing that we needed to take care of is eating utensils, such as plates, glasses, cups, spoons, and stuffs like that. The same thing happened with the eating utensils. We cleaned them all and put them in the separate cupboard. I can’t believe how many of them we have now.

Other than that, the detergent, laundry stuffs, and cleaning stuffs. We have a crate of them. Literally a crate. Three kettles, a rice cooker, and a toaster – yuhuuu I think our house is the most complete house among all the student houses. We also still have loads of tea bags, chocolate powder, baking soda, all the baking stuffs, and canned foods.

The thing is, why don’t you all clean up before you leave? You see, when you left all the foods and those stuffs, the people coming after you won’t know what to do with those things. They will either cleaned them all or worse, just left them there without knowing anything until a year later. Seriously. One year left over food is just gross. It reminds me though – that I will have to clean up my kitchen stuffs soon. The art of moving away…

Sep 11, 2013