Crossing Path

We cross path with people we meet during our life. I crossed path with my husband when we were still in elementary school. We were just acquaintance until we became friend years later, when we were in junior high school. We walked the same path but then we moved to different directions. I was here, he was there. I am sure that we were in a very opposite side of the world. I may not be his type; he was definitely not my type.

Then, we crossed path again. We communicated with each other and found the similarities between us. Funny how people can feel very close even when they are so far away, right? It was indeed funny how we could connect although we spent years apart. After that we met again, and again and again.

Now here we are, walking on the same path; hopefully not for a short crossing path, but forever and ever.

Photo Credit:

Nov 19, 2015


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