Jakarta – Doha

I am sure that Irene will LOVE this flight. They gave “sponge bob” merchandise to children passenger. Yeah, I wish I were a kid so I can get the merchandise and give it to Ireno!

Ha! That is just the fun prelude. This is what I found during my journey from Jakarta to Doha: I saw some “TKW” or women worker. They went to other countries to work. I saw a few of them in the waiting room before we got on the plane.

A women came to me and I could tell that she is scared from the look of her face. She sat and asked whether that is the correct waiting room for a plane to Dubai. Well, the plane was surely goes to Doha. I looked at her ticket and she needed to transfer to another plane in Doha. I explained this to her and she got confused. Well, after three times trying to tell her that, I gave up. I said, I will help her to find the plane to Dubai after we arrived in Doha. Then she asked permission to send a text to her sister. I found out that this woman’s name is Mrs. Nur. She told her sister to take care of her kids. Well, what a life. I wonder how this woman feels. Maybe worried, maybe sad. I don’t know. I can’t even imagine.

However, I was sure that this woman was scared. She told me that she was left alone and was separated from her friends. She didn’t know what to do, couldn’t speak the language, and that was her first experience. When I asked her whether she knows her employer or not, she said that she didn’t know. She didn’t know who will pick her up in Dubai Airport and didn’t know who to meet. I wonder how she can survive.

I am sure that if I am in her position, I must be scared to dead. In Doha International Airport, I found even more women worker. They tried to read the flight information board. I helped them to find their gate. That was the only thing that I can do. Those women worker working so far away to earn money for their family. They sure have a very big and brave heart. I pray for their welfare and well-being. I hope they can always find strength whenever they are.

Sep 24, 2012


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